Hardwood, tile, and marble flooring may be beautiful to look at, but there are some places in your home the gorgeous materials do not belong. Garages, car parks, commercial buildings, and mudrooms require floors that can take a lot of wear-and-tear. Here are six reasons epoxy floors can’t be beat.

  •  Waterproof

The nonporous nature of epoxy material makes it completely waterproof. That means rain, dirt, and mold won’t attack the surface, and spills can easily be wiped away.

  •  Strength

Advertised as seven times stronger than concrete and much less porous, epoxy is strong enough to withstand the weight of a car or dents from falling items.

  •  Maintenance

Maintenance of epoxy floors is a breeze. You simply wipe them clean with soap and water or disinfect the surface with your favorite cleaner.

  •  Resistant

One of the best things about this type of flooring is that it can be used in a place where there is a lot of spillages, such as a kitchen, garage, or workroom. The surface is acid, food, and chemical resistant. The spills will not harm the surface, won’t discolor it, or mar the texture in any way.

  •  Seamless

Unlike other flooring materials available, the epoxy floors have no seams that can allow bacteria, mold, or other foreign bodies to grow. Instead, the seamless nature of the epoxy means it is easy to clean, and you can be certain it is sanitized when you do.

  •  Repairable

If something were to damage the floor, such as an earthquake, it could easily be repaired. You don’t have to worry about removing large sections or tearing the entire piece out. Instead, an epoxy flooring company can come in and make the area look pristine again.

Before you decide on what type of flooring to put into your home, garage, or shop, take a look at the amazing features the epoxy floor has to offer. You will be surprised at how versatile it is.