Benefits of Seamless Epoxy Flooring for Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Facilities

For industrial flooring solutions, seamless epoxy flooring is a popular choice. When you imagine what your business’s flooring could look like, do you imagine a shiny, attractive floor that meets food and safety regulations? If you process food or have chemical processing in your company, you need to use floors that the FDA, USDA and EPA approved. Before choosing flooring, consider the benefits of epoxy.

Seamless Flooring Is Safe

There are a lot of safety guidelines you have to follow if you’re in the food processing or pharmaceutical industry. Epoxy flooring is FDA approved and can be used in food and drug-related businesses. When you install new flooring, you want to know that it will last you for years to come without violating any regulations. Seamless epoxy flooring will keep you well within the guidelines.

Seamless Flooring Looks Professional

Polymer is a flooring product that adds shine and elegance to a company. You cannot achieve the shine of epoxy with any other material. In addition, you can apply the flooring in multiple colors to match your business. For instance, some colors include blue, black, orange, yellow and red. Many companies choose to match their floors to their logo.

Seamless Flooring Applies Easily and Lasts

Contractors can easily apply polymer and epoxy flooring. While you do have to allow the floor to cure, you can have the floors installed during off-times so the installation does not disrupt your business. Before resurfacing the floors, contractors clean the area, then apply the product.

The whole process only takes a few hours but lasts for a long time. Epoxy flooring is durable and hard to damage. It will last for years beyond different flooring types, such as laminate, carpet or linoleum.

For owners and managers of food processing or pharmaceutical facilities, you have to consider the safety of your floor and its appearance. Seamless epoxy flooring benefits all companies, particularly those in the food processing and pharmaceutical business.