One of the best flooring solutions for homeowners and business owners alike is an epoxy floor. However, many people have questions about this relatively new flooring option. Families often ask us if they can use epoxy in the garage, and business owners wonder if epoxy is a good choice for a showroom. The answer to both questions is yes.

Why Epoxy Is a Great Choice for Concrete Floors

There are many reasons why going with an epoxy floor for concrete is never a wrong decision. This state-of-the-art flooring material offers incredible advantages:

  • Color options: Forget about boring gray floors for your garage or work areas. Epoxy comes in limitless colors, so you can brighten things up like never before.
  • Durability: Epoxy is strong and long lasting. It doesn’t need to be refinished constantly like with commercial tile. It can keep your garage, automobile showroom or corporate foyer looking breathtaking for ages.
  • Chemical and stain resistance: Epoxy successfully resists spills from battery acid and many other industrial chemicals and solvents. This is why an epoxy floor is better than bare concrete for manufacturing businesses. It also prevents stains from oil, radiator fluid and other things in a garage.
  • Slip resistance: You can select epoxy with natural slip resistance. This helps you keep your visitors safe during rainy weather or snow.

How Professionals Ensure the Best Results With Concrete

It’s always essential to contact epoxy professionals when installing a new epoxy floor over concrete. Experts know how to give the flooring great adhesion over concrete. It’s common for builders to apply a layer of seal to new concrete. This seal doesn’t allow epoxy to attach itself to the floor. That’s why it’s necessary to prepare the concrete ahead of time. Our team first removes any pre-existing seal and proceeds to etch the floor with acid prior to rinsing. This gives you the best results for your new and brilliant epoxy floor.