When homeowners think of the garage, mental images of a dark, dirty and musty space often appear. Would you like to change that by turning your garage into somewhere bright, clean and effortless to maintain? The solution is to install an epoxy floor. With epoxy, any garage gets a ton of benefits all year long.

Why Choose Epoxy for a Garage?

Put simply, epoxy makes your life easier. It reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to keep the garage looking amazing. Here are a few benefits:

  • Moisture protection: With epoxy, water beads instead of absorbing into concrete. This helps to prevent moisture issues such as mold and mildew. By keeping surfaces dry, epoxy keeps your garage smelling fresh.
  • Stain protection: Garage floors are notorious for stains. You have to worry about oil stains, paint spills and grease, among other things. With an epoxy floor, however, all of those concerns disappear. If your vehicle leaks oil or refrigerant, all you have to do is wipe the liquid up with a paper towel, no questions asked and no stains.
  • Time savings: Do you dread cleaning the garage because of the amount of time it takes to sweep all the dust and dirt trapped in the cracks? With epoxy, those days are over. A gentle push broom or mop can glide effortlessly over the floor, getting rid of dirt in a few minutes max.
  • Style: One of the biggest reasons homeowners love epoxy is because it livens up the garage. You can get an epoxy floor in limitless colors, from neutral gray to bright red. White is a popular choice. The options are truly endless for amazing design style.

Why Call a Professional?

Installing an epoxy floor takes a lot of finesse. Experts need to etch the concrete with special materials so the epoxy adheres firmly. They also have to scrub deeply to remove any ground-in dirt before starting. This effort is worth it, because it gives you an epoxy floor that can last ages.