Here’s Why You Should Put an Epoxy Floor in Your Garage

What kind of flooring do you have in your garage? If you’re like many homeowners, the answer is bare concrete, perhaps with a layer of sealant. The problem is that concrete is vulnerable to moisture damage, staining, cracks, dirt and countless other types of damage. Is there a better solution? Absolutely — epoxy floor coatings. Here are seven benefits of this versatile and beautiful option:

  1. Cost effective: Compared to the cost of replacing damaged concrete or installing tile floors, an epoxy floor can save you money in the short term and even more in the long term.
  2. Long lasting: Epoxy is strong and durable. There are thick coatings available that can stand up to cars, trucks, motorcycles and even heavy machinery. Epoxy is ideal for garages, storage sheds and barns.
  3. Attractive: One of the biggest ways epoxy can take your garage to the next level is by giving your floor a brilliant shine. Epoxy floors are very shiny, so they naturally make the space look cleaner. This shine sticks around for years without fading.
  4. Functional: It’s easy to keep an epoxy floor clean. A small push broom is all you need. Whether you’re changing the oil or making repairs on your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about your back getting dirty at all.
  5. Safe: Many epoxy floors have anti-slip coatings that give you a firm grip. This is helpful for rainy days and winter weather, especially compared to other flooring options.
  6. Colorful: Bring your garage to life with vibrant colors. Epoxy is available in limitless colors so you can add your personality to the space.
  7. Bright: The reflective nature of an epoxy floor naturally illuminates any space. Enjoy a brighter garage during spring, summer, fall and winter.

Epoxy is a great choice. As long as you work with a professional, you can enjoy a beautiful garage floor that lasts a lifetime.