If you run a business that operates out of a shop, factory, or other light industrial space, you’ve got a delicate balance to walk. Clients visiting your facility want to see a well-maintained, sharp-looking setup that operates efficiently, but sparing team members to perform aesthetic cleanup can sometimes slow down your actual production. The key is to build a space that’s easy to keep clean, safe, and sharp-looking, and epoxy coating for concrete floors can help with all three.

Benefits To Epoxy Coated Floors

Epoxy surfaces in workspaces are wonderful for cleanliness and worker safety because they repel most substances that can stain, and they can provide a texture that makes traction easier, reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. That’s because epoxy surfaces are made up of resins and hardeners that can be textured as they set while providing a complete protective layer between your daily activities and your concrete flooring. Using an epoxy coat over concrete also saves costs when compared to a full epoxy floor because the application uses less material but still provides the same seamless barrier. Other benefits include:

  • Customization of colors to suit your company’s decor and graphic marketing plan
  • Protection from both moisture and corrosion
  • Adjustable elasticity to match your business activities
  • Reliable protection that endures for years

Fast, Consistent Cleanup

The barrier created by epoxy coating is easy to clean because it resists both absorption and corrosion, so there are fewer pits and crevices that form as the material ages. Repair is also easy if there is damage due to an accident or natural disaster, and working with a coating company that is both nearby and known for their quality of craft means having responsive support in the event that’s necessary. Make it easier for your crew to keep your shop looking great while keeping them safer. It’s an easy investment to make in your company’s future.