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How to Repair Epoxy Garage Floor Coating


Painting your garage floor with an epoxy coating is a great investment providing a low maintenance protection for the floor. Chips and cracks in the epoxy paint can still happen like when a tool or other heavy piece of equipment is dropped. Improve the look of your garage with this low maintenance product that can be easy to replace with some professional help. If you have damage to your epoxy floor, a garage flooring specialist can likely repair the damage.

If you are worried a repairman will have to do extensive work to fix the area, think again. A trained professional can follow these easy steps to have your garage floor looking like new again.


  1. Clean the floor—This is more than just sweeping the floor. They will remove any oil, grease or dirt on the floor with dish soap or an epoxy cleaner in an area wider than the damage
  2. Cut the damaged area—for best blending results, they will remove an area a few inches or more larger than the damage with a box cutter or hobby knife
  3. Warm to remove—Using a blow dryer, or other device, they will warm the epoxy. Once it has softened they will carefully remove the paint from the floor.
  4. Apply the epoxy—the bare floor is now ready for the paint, the repairman will apply the epoxy being sure to touch up the edges to blend with the old
  5. Ventilate well—Follow your repairman’s instruction. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent too much inhalation of the epoxy fumes


Once your new coat of epoxy is fully cured, you are free to use that section of space again. Avoid using chemicals as epoxy is made to resist chemicals, one of its selling features. To prevent future damage, consider investing in a floor covering like a small mat to use where you are working. The extra protection when a tool hits the floor can extend the durability of the paint. Protecting your garage floor with epoxy flooring is a great investment but not an indestructible one. Thankfully, with a little professional help, it can be a simple fix keeping it a low maintenance option for any garage space.