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How to Tell if Your Epoxy Garage Floor Is 100% Solid

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Epoxy flooring is a great option for painting your garage floor. It offers a variety of benefits that are nice to have in that particular space including low maintenance, durability and chemically resistant. Many industrial businesses benefit from using epoxy paint in their warehouses and garages, but an epoxy coating can be a great way to spruce up your home garage floor. However, not all epoxy paint is created equal. While all epoxy starts as a liquid for easy application, not all epoxy products have their chemical mixture completely solid upon drying.


Most companies advertise that they are 100% solid right on the product if they are. Others may state that the epoxy is acrylic or water-based indicating that it is not 100% solid. Manufacturers of epoxy like other products tend to highlight the benefits of using their products. In fact, 100% solid epoxy coatings are often no more expensive than the other options especially if purchased through a smaller company. 100% epoxy blends may even cost less than name brand acrylic or water-based coatings.


If using a water or acrylic based epoxy, you may not notice the difference between that and a 100% solid epoxy paint. The coating will look similar and most people often place a protective covering such as a large rug on the floor to protect the new paint. However, a dropped tool or splash of chemical can damage a less than 100% solid epoxy floor.


Whether or not you need a 100% solid epoxy is up to your personal choice. 100% solid epoxy flooring is ideal for mechanics and those working with chemicals in their garage. If you have a habit of dropping tools or don’t want to cover up that new paint, having an epoxy that is 100% solid would be worth the investment.