An epoxy floor can provide your home with a flooring option that is as durable and versatile as it is beautiful. When laying an epoxy floor, the epoxy is applied to a concrete base that provides strength and structure. It is vitally important that the cement is given adequate time to dry before adding the epoxy finish. Applying too soon can lead to a number of problems for your epoxy, ranging in severity from unsightly to unsafe.

Bubbles and Blisters

When too much water is still in the cement before laying epoxy, it will continue to evaporate out of the concrete and up underneath the layer of epoxy. This can result in bubbles and blisters that ruin the smooth and attractive finish of your epoxy, destroying the beautiful look you were trying to achieve.


Unwanted bumps and ridges aren’t the only way you need to worry about excess moisture damaging the look of your epoxy floor. Another common issue that can arise is discoloration. The water building up underneath the epoxy leads to unwanted tinges, often quite ugly ones and always something other than your originally planned look.

Hazardous Buildup

Discovering that your floor doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to is bad, but learning that it may be putting your health and that of your family at risk is worse. Excess moisture can lead to your floor growing mildew and mold that give off unpleasant odors and can even be toxic.

When working with concrete, it’s easy to underestimate how long it needs to dry. Even when it appears the concrete has set, there may still be excess moisture evaporating. By hiring an epoxy flooring expert you can avoid the guesswork of determining if the floor is ready to add your epoxy finish. If you want a beautiful epoxy floor in your home, get in touch with a professional today to schedule a consultation.