Things To Know About Epoxy Flooring

epoxy flooring

Many homes have concrete floors in their basements or garages, and they may have other undesirable floorings throughout their homes. Concrete floors may seem cold and dreary grey, and some become stained and cracked. Those with concrete or other unattractive floors often seek an inexpensive, durable flooring solution to make their rooms more welcoming. Epoxy flooring may be the eye-catching solution these individuals are looking for.


Epoxy is used in many applications, but its flooring component has both commercial and residential uses. In commercial environments, this flooring option is used in slippery areas, such as ramps, aisles and walkways, but it is also used in locations with heavy traffic areas and industrial facilities that require durable flooring, such as commercial kitchens, retail stores and warehouses, schools and hospitals.

Epoxy also has residential flooring applications, such as basements, kitchens and laundry rooms. But their most common use is in garages because they protect the floor from spills and stains and increase its longevity. Because they are safe and durable, many people also use epoxy resins on playroom and game room floors.


Epoxy flooring is durable, lasting 15-25 years. However, professional installation and coating type can extend the flooring’s life span. They are also stain-resistant. Due to their durability and stain resistance, they are not damaged by industrial work or when vehicles are parked or maintained on them. In addition, these floors are lower in cost than many other flooring options.

Epoxy resins are waterproof and prevent water from draining into the substrate or subfloor. Because of their nonporous surface, they also prevent bacteria and mold growth. Chemicals and acids do not typically damage epoxy resin floors.

Epoxies are also available in endless color and pattern or design variations, such as squares, terrazzo and marble designs, allowing you to customize your flooring design. Epoxy flooring also requires little maintenance if it is installed properly.

If you are looking for excellent, durable, attractive flooring options, you may consider investigating epoxy resin flooring.