Upgrade those old, ugly concrete floors with epoxy paint. The paint is easy to install and can dramatically improve the look and feel of the concrete. Take your garage or basement and give it a new look instantly.


Epoxy coatings are an inexpensive option to update the concrete floors. The paint does not require you to break up the slab or resurface any area. Simply prepping the surface of the concrete enables the epoxy to stick to the concrete. Not only does this save money, but it can save you tons of time not waiting for a fresh concrete pour.


Sometimes a simple prep is not enough to fix all the issues with the slab. For example, an uneven slab may need additional prep to even the surface. A professional can come in and fix these types of issues by grounding down certain spaces or building up others before applying the epoxy coating on top.


Perhaps drab grey is no longer the color you want in the room. Epoxy paint comes in a variety of colors and textures to completely change the look of the floor. Pick a color for a new design scheme or go with a solid look. The options are versatile to suit the style needs of the homeowner. The multitude of colors includes fun selections like palm green and gold rush that can be used to create endless designs.


The popularity of using concrete floors means that homeowners have a variety of design options available to them. A professional can create a design into the color through sealer coatings, stampings and overlays. These techniques add at most a quarter-inch layer to the concrete.

Take your unattractive concrete floors and transform them with epoxy paint. Have a professional look at the existing concrete floor to see how you need to prep. Pick a design and watch the room completely change.