Why Epoxy Flooring Works Well for Garages

epoxy flooring

If you run an auto repair business or another enterprise that involves storing or working on vehicles in garages, epoxy flooring is an ideal surface to consider. Deciding to have professionals install it at your business is a smart operational decision.

Prevent Adverse Effects From Chemical Exposure

When people work on vehicles, they often overlook how automotive liquids could get on the floor and gradually interfere with its performance and lifespan. For example, oil and gas can gradually make cracks form. Additionally, the prolonged weight of all the vehicles in the garage could make those initially small openings get larger. 

Fortunately, epoxy floors resist the damaging effects of those liquids, as well as others, such as brake fluid and detergent. Besides causing unwanted aesthetic changes, the cracks could make it easier for pest infestations to occur and even cause damage to the underlying ground. However, professionals can fill existing cracks with epoxy, or better yet, coat the floor before those imperfections happen. 

Spend Less Time Cleaning the Garage

Another reason to consider epoxy flooring for a garage is that they can shorten the time you take to clean the surface. Water cannot penetrate epoxy and seep down into the foundation. That means your cleaning routine could become as simple as moving everything out of the garage and hosing down the surface. 

That’s a fast way to clean even garages that see heavy use every day. Epoxy floors also last for decades with proper care, making them excellent investments. 

Is Epoxy Right for You?

Before making any decisions about your garage flooring, talk to your installation professionals about your needs and expectations. During this time, you can also inquire about any optional offerings, such as non-slip finishes. Spend time thinking about the floor’s color, too. It could make a big difference in the overall appearance of a commercial garage. Epoxy flooring is a versatile solution for garage flooring that could make your life easier.